Under 8 to Under 11 Team allocation

Under 8 to Under 11 Team allocation

By Berwick City
1 December 2017
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2018 Team allocations for Under 8, 9, 10 and 11 year old boys and mixed teams

Under 8 to Under 11 Teams. (Boys and mixed teams)

Thank you to all players that attended the recent grading sessions.
Please take note of your team for 2018 below.

If you have any concerns with your team allocation for 2018 we ask that you kindly only email the club berwickcityfc@gmail.com as we will not answer queries via other forums such as social media, text message etc.

Official club pre-season training will commence around mid February, 2018.
Times and more details will be posted in early February.

Several teams still do not have coaches. If you are interested in coaching please email the club berwickcityfc@gmail.com.
In partnership with Arsenal Soccer Schools, we provide ongoing support to our coaches with professional development meetings, session plans, training drills library, regular mentoring, and coach education from FFA.

Teams without coaches will not be entered into competitions and your child may miss out. Knowledge of soccer is not essential to be a good coach. What is more important is the ability to communicate and create a fun environment for the kids to play and develop. We will provide you with the training program based on the FFA national curriculum.

There are a few teams with current player vacancies. These positions will be filled by new players that register. Last year we turned away over 100 players so we are confident that we will fill all current vacancies. We are holding an information and registration day in early February where we expect many more new players to register.

If you have not yet paid your $100 deposit please do so as soon as possible in order to secure your position for 2018. If payment is not made by the end of January 2018, your position may be forfeited and allocated to someone else including new players registering.
The best way to pay your deposit now is by electronic bank transfer.
Our bank details are:
Berwick City Soccer Club
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063 549
Account number: 1010 1669
Reference: (please include a payment reference with your surname, initial and age group) – eg: Smith J U9

If you have not been fitted for your Puma playing uniform and tracksuit, please come to the registration and information day to be held in early February. (Date will be confirmed in January).

Good luck to all teams in 2018!

Under 8 Kangaroos - Coach Joel/Nick
Georgia Carnevale
Roman De Santis
Caden Gilpin
Xavier Munaretti
Jensen Murphy
Domenik Philipp
Hamed Rakin
Brendan Roberts
Reyan Saldi
Peter Vena

Under 8 Wallabies - Coach Danny
Nassim Ameur-Moussa
Dean Baric
Jack Beere
James Aaryan Bhusal
Nicolas Catalogna
Charlie Crouch
Ben Davie
Logan Evans
Rian Murray
Cruz Salerno
Anthony Yalda

Under 8 Joeys - Coach Peter/Laks
Mohamad Agha
William Beattie
Kyenne Colomiere
Kayden Colomiere
Adam Elsayed Goda
Nicholas Formenton
Jacob Goweid
Lachlan Keevers
Joshua Kozma
Rishi Nadarajah

Under 8 Joeys - Coach Vacancy
Revaan Allegakoen
Alexander Demellis
Aidan Gonsalvez
Zulifqar Hassani
Ethan Hosking-Mani
Mahtab Singh Raino
Justin Santin
Armaan Sharma
Dion Sousa
Sathish Yuvan

Under 9 Kangaroos - Coach Rob
Xavier Alessio
Jacob Baluga
Joseph Caruso
Alexandre Gonzalez
Jude Madhavan
Logan Roussety
Luca Savery
Alexander Scorgie
Logan Skeggs
Arandjel (AJ) Stojilovic

Under 9 Wallabies - Coach Johann
Aramis Sinnathamby
Andre Geerdharry
Ansh Chotai
Ryder Nicholson
Gunveer Grewal
Aidan Monk
Indiana Mayne
Gurshan Singh
Hadid Sidiqi
Masih Masudy

Under 9 Wallabies - Coach Kate
Erik Abazyan
Felicia Angulo
Christopher Crupi
Lucas Farkas
Nicolae Ng-Youne
Owen Peters
Yama Rejee

Under 9 Wallabies - Coach Vacancy
Jaweed Ahmadi
Adiel Chand
Alexander De Mellis
Mason Murphy
Benjamin Orebiyi
Finnegan Quelle
Kyle Somers

Under 9 Joeys - Coach Vacancy
Issac-Ali Bahrami
Waris Brar
Oliver Daubney
Saleh Hydari
Cruz Legg
Zeal Manuel Jones
William Ploeg
Gavin Ryan
Terry Ryan
Jackson Townsend

Under 9 Joeys - Coach Vacancy
John Bartuccio
Lincoln Clamp
Leonardo Di Cesare
Nathaniel Iosefo
Tyson Lord
Elijah Messina
Declan Ronalds
Toyesh Tirumalareddy
Sebastian Wagner
Micah Yap

Under 10 Kangaroos - Coach Milan
Harrison Berreen
Jayden Dalton
Ethan De Nardis
Tomas Del Papa
Mihailo Jakovljevic
Christian Lettieri
Kobe Magdich
Olivia Mashado
Alexander McLatchie
Grace McMillan
Novak Mihajlovic
Bayden Murphy
Henry Turner

Under 10 Wallabies - Coach Spencer
Axel Castro
Dion Castro
Dylan Davis
Aaron Edmonds
Yahya Hydari
Savo Leone
Liam Monk
Virun Nelumdeniya
Jonty Phillips
Tyler Scott
Asad Siddiqui
Jonah Youssef

Under 10 Wallabies - Coach Vacancy
Benjamin Bouquet
Nathan Brincat
Elloise Coghlan
Kaidan Freni
Joshua Gouveia
Lucas Jencke
Lachlan Joseph
Martin Khorani
Jordan Labutte
Alexander Lloyd
Beau Miller
Caylan Minator
Ryan Prasad

Under 10 Joeys - Coach Ricardo
Shashank Boppana
Stefan Brkljac
Noah De Robillard
Ahsan Makani
James Riha
James Rowe
Adrian Sandoval
Ronaldo Sandoval
William Shwaros
Avinav Deep Singh
Zach Zoudlik
Archer Zoudlik

Under 10 Joeys - Coach Vacancy
Erfan Amiri
Sergej Catic
Yash Chavan
Rehaan Dandiwal
Anthony Di Conza
Nicholas Johnston
Ethyn Ky
Moch Lual
Clayton Miszkowiec
Zayd Sabawi
Archer White
Mark Youanas

Under 11 Kangaroos - Coach Lou/Joe
Homayun Alizadah
Darcy Allen
Stefan Angulo
Elias Curry
Declan Gallard
Joshua Graham
Alireza Hydari
Yaser Payendeh
Joshua Scarlett
Jordan Tobar
Rayyan Wasim
Thomas Woodward

Under 11 Wallabies - Coach Diarmid/Jason
Daniel Carnevale
Cailib Farrell
Callum Hardie
Brody Hartley
Kingston Johnson
Thomas Lai
Elijah Munso
Andy Pivac
Keelan Ryan
Porscha Tam
Callum Thomas
Miller Whiteside

Under 11 Wallabies - Coach Graham/Titus
Kaelen Brennan
Blake De Zylva
Ethan Hayes
Rory Helm
Elyas Hosseni
Kevin Hum
Logan Kane
Luka Katalina
Charlie Maher
Ammaar Makani
Jet Stockdale
Aidan Tran
Alexander Wilm

Under 11 Wallabies - Coach Brendan
Ashton Mur
Jack Kenny
Anthony Gaidartzis
Lucas Gangi
Adrian Giannone
Seth Harvey
Andy Jong
Jordan King
Filip Kuljanin
Kye Hlavacek
Ashton Nigli
Hudson Nicholls

Under 11 Joeys
Please note we will be finalising the Under 11 Joeys teams later this month.
There will be 3 Joeys teams and we currently have 2 coaches (Shaun and Jerome). If you are interested in coaching please email the club.
The players listed below will be allocated into a team but we can't tell you which team yet as one of the coaches is overseas for a few weeks and we need to get their assessment and team list. We apologise but the players below will get into a team and you will be notified by email.

Joshua Wallace
Shareel Chand
Nazier Chand
Jacob Perdikomatis
Kai Dellaquila
Levi Freeman
Jesse Drake
Erik Titchener
Vincent Tamas
Angus Crouch
Brandon Ludena
Indiana Dal Molin
Gurnaaz singh Dhillon
Jonah Yap
Riley Thomas
Sadad Nasrat
Dominik Marki
Lachlan Ronalds
Trystan Timms
Jack Jones
Kyan Kerslake
Georgia Magri
M.Zohair Malik
Kaydn Mislicki
Daniel Park
Cohen Pentland
Lachlan Ronalds
Arsh Shaikh
Xanthia Valacos
Brady Wadelton

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